You probably know the American Kidney Fund for the lifesaving financial assistance we provide to patients. But we do much more. We help people live healthier lives, with comprehensive programs that address the physical, emotional and financial burdens patients face, from prevention through transplant.

There's a long way to go to beat kidney disease, but we aren't going anywhere. With you by our side, we'll keep fighting on all fronts for patients and families until we live in a world without kidney disease.

When you join our fight, you change lives.

You help us empower people to prevent kidney disease and slow its progression. You make lifesaving health care affordable and accessible for patients. You support innovations in education for patients and professionals. You promote advances in nephrology research. You’re by our side as we fight for patient rights in Congress and the states. And, you help us give voice to the patient story.

See what donors like you have helped to accomplish so far in 2019.

97 cents of every dollar donated makes a difference.

AKF is the most efficient, highest-rated national kidney nonprofit in the United States. When you partner with us, you know that your gift is being well-managed, has the greatest possible impact and positively affects the most lives.

We operate with urgency to achieve long-term positive change in the prevalence and impact of kidney disease.

We unite people in the fight against kidney disease by forging partnerships, building community and valuing our donors' investment in our cause.

We make a direct impact on more lives than any other kidney nonprofit by delivering programs that create pathways to healthier living

We don’t have time to waste. 30 million Americans have chronic kidney disease and millions more are at risk. We are working at the individual, community and national levels and using every donated dollar to its maximum efficiency. We meet people where they are in the fight against kidney disease, with programs addressing awareness, prevention, education, clinical research, advocacy, and financial assistance for dialysis and transplant patients. Beyond our own programs, we also support broader efforts to change the trajectory and impact of kidney disease: the Kidney Health Initiative, NIDDK research funding and KidneyX.

When you become an AKF Ambassador to bring the patient voice to policymakers, or a Kidney Health Coach to educate your community about kidney disease, or a KidneyNation fundraiser to support our mission, you become part of the AKF community that is working toward a common goal: winning the fight against kidney disease. When you join our social media community, you become part of one of the largest communities of patients and families fighting kidney disease. And when you donate to AKF, we’ll earn your trust by putting your donation where it will do the most good—97 cents of every dollar goes to patients and programs.

More than 1.5 million kidney patients have gained access to affordable health care with AKF assistance since we helped our first grant recipient in 1971.  We make more kidney transplants financially possible than any other nonprofit, helping more than 1,000 low-income patients get off dialysis last year alone. More than 150,000 people have learned how well their kidneys are working through our Know Your Kidneys screening program, the largest national program of its kind. We are committed to building the pipeline of nephrology researchers through our fellowship program that has funded the nation’s leading clinical scientists for the past three decades. And in 2019, our work to spearhead the Living Donor Protection Act has resulted in 6 states, and counting, enacting legislation to remove roadblocks to living donation.